Filip – Chapter 2

Finding a Safe Haven Filip realized it would have to be now or never. He needed to achieve his objectives after three years living as a virtual slave and having to hide his accumulating wealth.  He’d been milking generous European tourists for the equivalent money to get him back to Europe and had played that game successfully. The bank balance had grown. So taking the … Continue reading Filip – Chapter 2


Refugee – Chapter 1 Filip stretched and yawned as he forced his eyes open. The sun’s rays were beginning to paint their usual colours on clouds as old sol strode toward the inland horizon. It had been a tough night as he struggled to find a comfortable place to sleep. The moon was at its zenith and stars brilliant so reflections on a calm ocean … Continue reading Filip

A Home for Tilly

Robyn looked out the window of their bedroom to check on her two children playing in the front yard. It was a school holiday. She sighed as she remembered her childhood. No need for fences or locked gates in that era. She didn’t like those kind of restrictions. No need for them in her day when children could roam at will without fear of abduction … Continue reading A Home for Tilly

Coming to Terms with Reality

Frank sighed as he sat in his favourite chair. In his hands he held a picture of his wife Jill. It had been taken a year before their marriage and the two of them exuded confidence and happiness in that picture. They’d known each other as neighbours from high school days, had separated to pursue their college education in different parts of the country and … Continue reading Coming to Terms with Reality