New Neighbours – Chapter 5

Crisis Resolved The family shared their breakfast in silence. Usually mealtime was a joyous occasion with laughter and excitement for a new day activity ahead. Bashir noticed Kaci shrank away from him in the car as he was dropping her off at her school and his heart melted. Perhaps he should have been more restrained in dealing with Angela the evening before. He didn’t want … Continue reading New Neighbours – Chapter 5

New Neighbours – Chapter 4

Reverse Discrimination Lucas braced for an outburst from Angela but when that didn’t happen he turned to face Professor Khoury. “There was an incident in the Library that upset her Sir, I thought of taking her home so she could rest under supervision of Mrs Khoury. The Professor relaxed, “Good for you son, is there anything I need to look into at the Library?” “No … Continue reading New Neighbours – Chapter 4

New Neighbours – Chapter 3

Relationship Discovery After Lucas had finished his college work he decided to take a year off and learn from his father in the research wing of Bert’s company. His knowledge was still rudimentary so he’d not be paid by the company or assigned specific responsibilities but Bert gave him a very generous allowance from family funds so he could feel independent. Lucas was very intelligent … Continue reading New Neighbours – Chapter 3

New Neighbours – Chapter 2

Cultural Integration Realities While Bert and Bashir were attending to move in issues such as utility connections, banking and city regulations Tess and Baraa investigated schooling for the three Khoury children. Amir and Angela would be attending the same school Lucas and Emma attended. While they’d be in different classes the Sheffield kids could keep an eye on them to see there were no problems … Continue reading New Neighbours – Chapter 2