“We’ll be landing in approximately twenty minutes.” The voice of the co-pilot trailed off as he switched frequencies to listen to the conversation between pilot and air traffic controller at Mumbai international airport, in what was then known as the city of Bombay. Back in the rear of the plane I joined other passengers who were making last minute entries on immigration forms. The line … Continue reading VISA PROBLEMS


We were just beginning to emerge from that initial culture shock all experience when setting up house in a new country. We’d only been in India for a couple of weeks, and everything was so different to the way things were done in Australia. Georgine having lived in Hungary and Germany before immigrating to Australia was taking it all in her stride and all her … Continue reading PAO ROTI


            Dust of falling towers fills the sky, In disbelief the people stand and stare, While others in a distant land pass by The ruin of their village, stark and bare, The hooded young their weapons hastily fix While people turn their heads in case they see, All human, though they’re not inclined to mix Confirmed, forever enemies to be … Continue reading Compassion