We could scarcely afford to make this trip as a family, but after spending entire lives in Southern Asia our children needed to see exotic Nepal before finally saying goodbye to the sub-continent 1985 and heading to a new assignment location in Singapore where they would further their education. Our small aircraft taxied into the Katmandu airport; noses of our two children pressed firmly against … Continue reading Nepal


Purple flower bush once standing tall Guardian of the entrance way, Tended lovingly since small In a bed of sandy clay. Watched it spread each gentle youthful limb, Watered oft, gave ample food, Glorious colour ‘till the day was dim Swaying gently in reflective mood. Full mature and proud did stately stand, Passers by paused to admire, Shared its flowers with each eager hand Ample … Continue reading Parasite

Seaweed for Breakfast

I’d been looking forward to my trip to Seoul with a mixture of pleasure and apprehension.  My pleasure was in anticipation of a pleasant meeting with the hospitable Korean people; my apprehension due to difficulties I anticipated working through a translator for two weeks of lectures for a distance learning graduate program.  I was naturally concerned materials I’d taken so long to prepare would reach … Continue reading Seaweed for Breakfast


Benita was touring a Northern Asia country with her parents.  News that morning hadn’t been positive, and should’ve given pause for thought as the family planned their day’s activities.  Students at the university were expected to go on the rampage that day because they disagreed with some laws their government had implemented.  The report was not a news item on TV, but word spreads and … Continue reading GOING WITH THE CROWD