Watch My Form!

“Tonight we go to the big dipper!” Eric beamed with joy as his children whooped and danced around the room in excitement at this announcement. “We’re going to the big dipper! We’re going to the big dipper tonight!” The children sang as they danced. The family was visiting with Grandparents Adam and Fanny at their retirement home in Margate by the sea, a distant suburb … Continue reading Watch My Form!

A Child’s Prayer

Mother stood attentive Blossom knelt beside her bed A startling conversation now in store, Blossom listed her activities in everything she said While Father watched her smiling from the door Blossom blessed her friends and animals and sundry others too And Mom and Dad were mentioned in conclusion The sunny day, the playground and the neighbours that she knew Her earnestness for certain no illusion … Continue reading A Child’s Prayer


      While I walk by the sea, turn my gaze to the sky Watch the storm clouds approach from afar, And I watch the sea rage, white caps sending their spray While the ships hasten crossing the bar   There’s safety in there as all fishermen know, There’s a shelter away from the gale. And their anchors hold firm while the stormy winds … Continue reading Storm

Squandered Resources

I’d been assigned to visit educational institutions receiving grants for development purposes, and report to donors all was well with their funded projects, before a continuation of grants could be approved. I was familiar with my next location. My first visit had been on similar assignments ten years previous. In earlier days primary mode of travel through the country was by river ferry or deshi … Continue reading Squandered Resources


It was the year 1916 when William made his screaming daylight entry to a world in transition. Europe was at war, and many Australians had been conscripted and shipped overseas in support of the motherland. His birthplace was Brisbane, Australia. Mother Eunice raised her head wearily to study the doctor’s face as he briefly glanced at the upside down baby in his hands and administered … Continue reading Willy

The Cage

Woollen socks, her hood of pink Glancing at the new school case, Nita trying hard to think Second day she has to face Yesterday she went to school Different culture, language odd, Little children can be cruel! Sees her Father give a nod Takes her school case with a sigh Follows Father out the door, Silently he sees her cry Tears falling on the floor … Continue reading The Cage