Patsy’s Life Lesson – Chapter 2

  Learning Life’s Lessons “How far to the County Fair Richie?” There was a giggle from the back and Patsy turned around in surprise to see what was happening then looked uncertainly at Richie. “We are going to the County Fair?” “Well we were, but when your Dad made it a 9pm curfew we may have a change of plans.” There was laughter again from … Continue reading Patsy’s Life Lesson – Chapter 2

Patsy’s Life Lesson – Chapter 1

Making Friends “Let’s get together and have some fun tonight!” Richard Vanderlan was the accepted leader of the troop of high school students and they’d gathered at their customary meeting place after school sports were over. It was their way to unwind after trying to absorb some heavy subjects during class time and a good workout during football practice and other school sports units to … Continue reading Patsy’s Life Lesson – Chapter 1

Night Terror – Chapter 3

Reality Check Young Pastor Reg Small sat in his office with his study books spread out in front of him. He’d taken the trouble to counsel with the youth who’d come to him as a group having checked out on rumours they’d heard in town and found Wes had been in touch with the town kids confirming events of that fatal night with Luella and … Continue reading Night Terror – Chapter 3