Tiny shoes on tiny feet Stumbling moving forward, Arms raised high the air to beat Smiles her sweet reward.   Mother walking closely by Father beckoning on, Sister urging her to try Thoughts of homework gone.   Rosie reaching out her arm Rocks on trembling limb, Face now showing some alarm Throws a glance at him.   Father inches closer then Reaches toward his … Continue reading Intervention-

Another Day in the Army

“Wakey wakey, rise and shine!” John sat bolt upright on the cot as bright lights suddenly illuminated the barracks. There were muffled curses coming from beds as recruits propped themselves up and rubbed their eyes. They hadn’t long returned to barracks and checked in gratefully from night leave jumping into bed with the knowledge a bugle would have us out of bed at sunrise. It … Continue reading Another Day in the Army


John lingered with his friend Brian as high school students fled from classes for the day on their bikes. They were heading for pleasures of sports grounds in other parts of town or just hanging around Main Street to sample assorted delicacies before tackling homework in the evening at home. But in John’s case there was the eleven-kilometre hard slog up and down hills until … Continue reading Helga