Ah Cy

Ah Cy shuffled her way forward as the bus pulled in to discharge and receive passengers. She was running behind schedule as she boarded the bus and glanced at her old watch. Stopped again! She must ask her son to get her a new one at a shop near Lucky Plaza where the wall of garments for sale cleverly concealed an inner room where a … Continue reading Ah Cy

The Maid Diaspora

Maria stood looking over the harbour at constant traffic on ocean passage between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon on the mainland. It all looked vibrant and exciting and she never tired of the sight. She loved the freedom of her release from duties with a Chinese household up at the Peak for these few brief hours away from constant toil each week. It was a … Continue reading The Maid Diaspora

Jungle Pilot

“On this trip we check out a jungle strip not used for some time to see if we can revive it!” Leon was a bush pilot who’d flown in and out of jungle strips since getting his clearance to fly. I’d just completed an assessment of the air service we’d been funding from Singapore having spent several days orienting to this air service and its … Continue reading Jungle Pilot