Flick’s Christmas Gift

  Flick pressed himself close to the hedge in a side lane closely observing the house across the road. Now and then he’d peep around the corner checking to see if there was any movement in the house opposite glancing up and down the street for late night pedestrians, traffic or the dreaded police. The name Flick was not his real name but it had … Continue reading Flick’s Christmas Gift

The Best Christmas Present -Conclusion

Chapter 2 – Christmas Presents Don looked out the window and noted a light snow fall on the balcony. Opening up he felt bracing air and sucked in appreciatively. A weather system was moving in. Snow had arrived late this year. All of a sudden he was energized into action. This was to be the office Christmas party and he was looking forward to it … Continue reading The Best Christmas Present -Conclusion

The Best Christmas Present

Chapter 1 – The Ranch Don sat on his apartment balcony watching evening traffic snake its way through the streets below. It was a rare experience for him to have time to do this as he was usually at work this time of the evening or tidying his desk to leave space for Ms Almeida the office cleaner to give his office her usual thorough … Continue reading The Best Christmas Present

Sausage Dog Goes to Hawaii

This is another in my children’s series written for my Grand Daughter Winter.  Remember that the series is based on the imagined experiences of her toy dogs. Sausage of course is a Sausage Dog.  Lisa is a white French Poodle and Spots is what we call a “Bitsa” or a bit of this and a bit of that in breed. I hope your kids enjoy … Continue reading Sausage Dog Goes to Hawaii