The Ethical Lock Picker

There is nothing more embarrassing than locking one’s keys inside a building, and not having access to a duplicate key to rectify the problem. Usually one exhausts all possible ways to avoid embarrassment of having to seek help from a friend, knowing that for some time after the event word will be spread and our foolishness exposed to the community. Such was the dilemma I … Continue reading The Ethical Lock Picker

Unearned Diploma

Haji Ali entered India as one of thousands of escapees from his country’s revolution. He paid lip service to the new order in his country, writing slogans for the revolution on compound walls around the city of Pune, and joining in an occasional march whenever some international event was to the dislike of the political leadership of his home country. Unfortunately for him, Haji Ali … Continue reading Unearned Diploma

We want to go Home

There was a general bustling and excitement in the household. We were going on our first furlough at last! We’d earned it after years of service in the country we were working in. International travel always requires careful pre-planning, and we’d waited anxiously while local authorities processed our permission to leave the country. At last we had papers in hand. It now required a journey … Continue reading We want to go Home

Angle Genemnode Waeron

This was written May 2005 Thailand while I was on a four month assignment to a university there. Printed in their English magazine “The Scriptor” Volume 6 Do you recognize the title “Angle Genemnode Waeron?”  Perhaps for those English students who don’t and feel it was a slip of the fingers as the typist was keying in, I should explain this certainly is English – … Continue reading Angle Genemnode Waeron