Bush Arrest – Chapter 2

A Day to Remember It was while Paddy was thinking ruefully of the previous evenings embarrassment the sound of an approaching truck could be heard in the distance. Then he remembered. This was the day supplies arrived from the big regional centre east. It was time for him to do his policing duty and guard supplies as they were unloaded at the pub. The pub … Continue reading Bush Arrest – Chapter 2

Bush Arrest – Chapter 1

    Midnight Folly   Paddy shifted listless in his chair. It was hot as hades in this outback heat as he glanced through an open door of the Police Station at shimmering heatwaves making his hangover even more unbearable. He hated this job and he hated the outback. It was not by choice he was here as he’d been reassigned from the comfortable living … Continue reading Bush Arrest – Chapter 1


  Line stretched long and movement slow People stand in helpless daze, Some have stood from sunrise glow Waiting in this human maze   Money spent and unemployed, Hunger burning deep inside, Destiny a hopeless void On the streets they must reside.   Forman takes one man aside Steers him through the open gate, Probably he won’t confide What his chances?  Has to wait!   … Continue reading MODERN LIFE

The All-Seeing Eye.

Ben whistled as he gathered luggage from the motel room and placed it systematically in the car. The girls darted around attempting to help by dragging their overnight bags across carpeted floor grunting as they did so. They looked expectantly toward their father for approval and to be relieved of their heavy burdens. He patted each on the head and murmured encouragement as they relinquished … Continue reading The All-Seeing Eye.