Ramesh stretched and opened his eyes. The first rays of sunlight were beginning to illuminate surrounding hills as he slowly turned his head to study familiar landmarks. This was his usual custom. The mud hut with its thatched roof caught his eye briefly and he reminded himself again of the need to replace thatch.  The hut was badly leaking again and monsoons would soon … Continue reading Ramesh

Cool Date

Reg stood looking at himself in the mirror uncertainly while a beaming Mom and Dad were reflected from the back smiling. “Don’t you think you’ve spent enough time looking at yourself son?” Dad guffawed from his reflection in the mirror while Mom gave him a whack. “You look quite OK Reg, she’ll think you’re very handsome and be proud to go out with you.” Mom … Continue reading Cool Date

Canned Prawns

  “What’s those red spots on your arms?”  Georgine advanced to make a closer inspection. “They’re too big to be measles, you better get it seen too!” I looked at my blotched arms and apprehension gripped me. I’d noticed those blotches on my stomach during the morning bath and was beginning to have difficulty swallowing. We were sitting in the picturesque town of Kodaikanal South … Continue reading Canned Prawns

Happy New Year

  Cliff guided his wheel chair down the hospital rehab corridor angrily. It wasn’t fair! He was a sportsman. Tennis, football, swimming and surfing were his life. Well it’s true his real life was marketing administration but that was a necessary evil to earn his keep. His passion was sports. Muscular arms pumped wheels of the chair briskly to his room, and he entered noticing … Continue reading Happy New Year