Gold for Mary

Searching by the riverside for specks of gleaming gold Sluicing through the pebbles and the sand, Hope to make a fortune for it’s here the miner told Nuggets found were bigger than your hand. Back from California when the goldfields ceased to yield, Australia now the land of hoped success, Shanty town now sitting where there once was grazing field, Every miner working under stress. … Continue reading Gold for Mary

Culture Clash

New Beginnings Mili stood silently in front of the newly placed marble slab. Freshly imprinted on the slab was the name Angelo Marconi and in smaller letters it indicated he’d died in a motorcycle accident at age 30. Mili, just turned 29, stared at the freshly turfed ground around the slab and bent down to place flowers in the vase provided at the foot of … Continue reading Culture Clash

The Vagrant

The press of city traffic passes by With hopeful eye she watches as they go More people, should she give another try? Perhaps another coin to her they’d throw But none of them would even spare a glance This ragged miss was standing in their way ‘Till someone special happened there by chance He stood there wondering what it was he’d say What fate had … Continue reading The Vagrant

The Immigrants

James Elijah and Mary Unwin Immigrants to their “Promised Land” Queensland, Australia Chapter 1 – The Odyssey In the County of Cheshire, England early 1870’s dark tales were being told by school teachers and seafaring men about a great island continent in the Antipodes known as the Great Southland or Australia. Many who went there were never heard from again. It seemed that it was … Continue reading The Immigrants