Falling rain like sheets of glass Showers from each window crack, Towels around each shuttered door, Building shudders, front to back. Trembling she lies on her bed Listens to the typhoon shriek Wondering if the house will break Terror has no words to speak! Coconuts like cannon balls Penetrate the yielding earth With resounding angry sound Flying mud and scattered turf, Will she make it … Continue reading Typhoon

Our “Pretty”

Not long after Joe the sulphur-crested Cockatoo (see one of my early blogs) joined our family in the 1940’s my Father Eric came home one evening with a cage containing an injured Galah parrot. To us children this multi-coloured bird was a thing of beauty and by common consent it was agreed we should call our new pet “Pretty.” Pretty was a young bird and … Continue reading Our “Pretty”

The Back of the Book

One of my favorite pastimes is to spend time in a bookshop. During shopping expeditions with Georgine I confess to becoming weary of craft shops and the dress section of superstores, where GG examines each of these items with meticulous care. After fifteen minutes of that I know its going to be a long haul, so with appropriate excuses gravitate to the nearest bookstore. Georgine … Continue reading The Back of the Book

Independence Day in the USA

July 4 1776 was the birth of this great nation. An association of diverse communities banded together to form a political entity which eventually evolved into the United States we know today. Here we were on July 4 2006, two citizens from “Down Under” who were there to celebrate our daughter Gina’s first Independence Day as an American citizen. Naturally she wanted us to be … Continue reading Independence Day in the USA

Brotherhood of Mankind

The above image copyright to http://www.featurepics.com It’s funny how things seem to hide in the deep dark recesses of memory to be triggered long afterward by a ‘happening now’ event. Now I’m aware the further you get from early childhood events the recalled scene is sugar coated with an added element of mythology. However there are things which are so seminal in one’s experience they … Continue reading Brotherhood of Mankind