James sat in his daughter June’s room watching her sleep. He found it relaxing after chasing sales for the commercial property real estate group he worked with. He’d started with them as soon as college course work was complete and degree results were in hand before looking at job opportunities. He’d always fancied a career in real estate but as the market had been … Continue reading NEW YEAR CELEBRATION

Mandy’s Christmas Present

  Mandy walked barefoot down the cinder track leading to Aunt Muriel’s farm cottage. The sharpness of that path hurt her feet, but she determined to be just like the other kids who removed their shoes as soon as they left school running as fast as they could to homes scattered around this rural village. Mandy hated the country. She was city bred and used … Continue reading Mandy’s Christmas Present

Outback Wedding

Shirley sat looking at the group of embarrassed relatives gathered around her in the front room of the log cabin. She glanced from one face to another as they busied themselves in small talk casting a furtive look in her direction occasionally. She shrugged and stretched. Something caught her eye and she picked up the hem of her wedding dress. There was a tear on … Continue reading Outback Wedding

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 4

Conspirancy “Mom, what’s the name of the other English woman you work with at school?” Andy asked as they travelled home from school on their first day after vacation. “Andy, you know who that is, it’s Elizabeth Ho. Why are you asking?” Rebecca looked at Andy in surprise. He knew very well who it was, why was he asking? Andy pretended to be interested in … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 4

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 3

Susan Ho The young woman resumed her impassive manner. “I’m sorry, I suppose you wondered why I laughed? You see I’m Eurasian and it was quite ironical for you to suggest I may have prejudice against you, I’d have expected the reverse. My father is Singaporean and mother English. They met at Oxford when he was studying overseas. My father is a teacher at National … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 3