Trauma in Trivandrum

I clearly remember two of my auditing experiences in Trivandrum, that capital city of the beautiful state of Kerala, India. If you’re turned on by thoughts of waving palm trees, sparkling white beaches and a tranquil ocean dotted with small fishing canoes far out to the horizon, then Trivandrum beaches are the place for you. Once you’ve been there you’ll be tempted to stay. However … Continue reading Trauma in Trivandrum

The Mahatma

Copyright for this image above to   The name he’d chosen meant “Great Soul.” He’d evolved from an obscure college professor in a remote part of India to become a high visibility media celebrity for a few years. To a large extent his success had been due to the skills of a clever individual schooled in marketing techniques with a keen knowledge of human … Continue reading The Mahatma

Squandered Resources

I’d been assigned to visit educational institutions receiving grants for development purposes, and report to donors all was well with their funded projects, before a continuation of grants could be approved. I was familiar with my next location. My first visit had been on similar assignments ten years previous. In earlier days primary mode of travel through the country was by river ferry or deshi … Continue reading Squandered Resources

The *Outback

The above image credit.   When I’m driving in the centre of this continent of mine In the hot and dusty landscape little known, Where the weather is predictable it’s almost always fine And gigantic marbles scattered round are thrown, Where *Uluru stands proudly on a stark and naked plain And original Australians keep it guard. Where stories of the *Dreamtime are repeated once … Continue reading The *Outback

The Wedding Fiasco

Above image copyright to “Let him speak now, or forever hold his peace!” The minister’s voice intoned familiar words as he prepared to bring the wedding service to a grand finale. The groom and his men stood ramrod straight, and the bride stared at the floor in customary fashion. The Bible boy looked imploringly at his parents watching him from the audience. He was … Continue reading The Wedding Fiasco