Outback Adventure – Chapter 2

Reality Strikes The swinging doors suddenly opened and a black face appeared. “’Ese Ere!! There was a loud chorus from inside. “Welcome teacher Trevo?” A deeply tanned tall wiry man with red face appeared at the door with outstretched hand. “I’m the local police officer Paddy Morgan, call me Paddy. This is my assistant Jacko!” He pointed to the black man in front of him. … Continue reading Outback Adventure – Chapter 2

Outback Adventure

Discovering a New World Trevor looked at the creased letter in his hand. It was printed on typical government department paper of the time, a kind of off brown, the contents were just as dismal as the colour. He was a city boy born and raised in comfort and privilege. His father had been an educationalist before him and Trevor felt it right to follow … Continue reading Outback Adventure

Wu Mei – Chapter 10

Vindication Comrade Fong entered his office in Beijing and took his place at the table. The corruption clean-up was going well throughout the country. Some of the leaders in provinces had been misusing their influence and needed to be re-educated. Money arising from exploitation was forfeited to the state. It was their job to serve the people, not exploit them. It was the corrupting influence … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 10