Robbed in Rio

Advertising materials had described Rio as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and they were right! Whichever direction I turned scenes of beauty met the eye. Along with the beautiful there were spectacular sights to behold. A giant statue of Christ dominated the horizon and could be seen on approaches to the city from all directions. Massive extinct volcanic cores rose like … Continue reading Robbed in Rio

Big Surprise on the Hiking Trail. – A Children’s Story

Molly blinked as she opened her eyes; then looked at the clock on her bedside table. It was 8 O’clock! She jumped out of bed quickly and stumbled into the bathroom to wash her face. She’d completely forgotten her appointment with Wilf at 9 O’clock. She smiled as she thought of the first time she met him. He was introduced as Wilfred and was quite … Continue reading Big Surprise on the Hiking Trail. – A Children’s Story

Ellen – Chapter 3

After the funeral Ellen returned to work and poured herself into assignments, keeping to herself except for necessary interaction at the office. She was rewarded for her efforts through salary increases and bonuses and was marked by top management for future management positions. To prepare her for work at a higher level she was given travel assignments to test her negotiating and people management skills. … Continue reading Ellen – Chapter 3

Ellen – Chapter 2

Ellen sighed, stood up and stretched. Looking around she saw a family gathered around a grave site. An elderly man was overcome with emotion and young adults clustered around in sympathy and support. Ellen shook her head sadly. There’s something special about a relationship like that she thought as she picked up her purse and headed for the car. She wondered what it would have … Continue reading Ellen – Chapter 2