The Elopement

Ramesh was very happy with his life. He lived on a large compound in a mission community and enjoyed spacious grounds and sports facilities provided for the use of residents. Every evening he’d sit with friends on the football field and sing heartily with the group as some of them tried vainly to find right notes on their guitars. During the day he attended a … Continue reading The Elopement

Striking a Balance

“You’ve no appreciation of what I am trying to do for this family!” Joseph was working his way to the top of his stress threshold. Kate almost decided to retreat before things got out of hand, but her tendency toward brinksmanship prevented her. “Joe, this family needs a father! I understood when you agreed to manage that business out of bankruptcy, but you’ve done that … Continue reading Striking a Balance

NOT OUR CLASS – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – End of an Era HJ and Anna smiled. They were toughening their granddaughter up for eventual control of the empire. She had to learn to handle situations like these and bounce back. That was the Morgan way When Seth’s anger had cooled he began to take inventory of it all. He hadn’t thought of marriage before MJ’s visit but thinking it over … Continue reading NOT OUR CLASS – Chapter 10