Righting a Wrong

  JoAnne searched diligently in the Bazaar. She’d learned through the servant grapevine Gopalraj could be found begging there on some days, and other days seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Where could he be that foolish man? Attempts to pry further information out of servants attending other memsahibs on campus had proved to be ineffective. They’d shifted uneasily on their feet … Continue reading Righting a Wrong

Greener Grass

Watching children playing through the fencing posts at home The Elementary School in play recess My Mother holding firmly just in case I try to roam, For I would like to join them I confess. Their happy shouts of laughter at release from teacher’s voice, Arithmetic and English out of mind Rather be out playing if the school gave them that choice; I feel my … Continue reading Greener Grass

Amazing Revelation

Little did Eric realize as he donned his cap, put lunch box into the shoulder carry pack and kiss his Mother goodbye this was to be the day of an amazing revelation. He was off to school, and of immediate concern was how to saunter nonchalantly past the opposing school complex at the top of the hill, rushing at the appropriate time when it was … Continue reading Amazing Revelation