Yesudas was born in one of the poorest communities to be encountered in Southern Asia. His village was situated among towering rock formations, and stone covered fields. Over centuries patient farmers had collected rocks in piles at the borders of ancestral lands, trying vainly to find soil enough in which to plant their rice crop during monsoons. For most of the year the climate was … Continue reading RAGS TO RICHES

My Indian Chariots

We’d been in India for 6 years before venturing to drive. A vehicle is a potential guided missile so you have to learn evasive tactics before venturing out in your own missile in that country. There are two important things to master if you’re to make a successful driver, and these are the horn and accelerator. If you can master these two vital objects you’re … Continue reading My Indian Chariots

Nothing is Impossible

She glanced at the fund transfer for one hundred thousand rupees about to be handed over to College Administration. It was not a huge amount when converted to dollars, but a princely sum in the local economy. She was overjoyed to have facilitated this donation, and her mind went back to the event which made this possible. The college President had one day called her … Continue reading Nothing is Impossible