Kanchanaburi, Thailand

It was December 2004 and we were enjoying a warm balmy summer evening on the sub-tropical Sunshine Coast, Australia when the telephone chimed. Georgine grabbed the phone expectantly. “Probably one of the girls or a family member,” she said absently. “Thailand calling!” sang the charming voice of a long distance telephone operator. We were connected then to a strong male voice at the other end … Continue reading Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Bringing Flicker Home

  “I want you to go over to the back of the property and bring Flicker home.” I looked at my Father uncertainly. The word Flicker bought back memories I’d have preferred to keep as just memories. Flicker knew by instinct that I was a city kid transported by circumstances into farm life and he treated me with appropriate distain. I remembered my frustration when … Continue reading Bringing Flicker Home

The Jeep Club

It was summer time and the jeep club were gathered at the Green Door to sample a hamburger and recall experiences in army boot camp. That experience was now two years old, but we were still obliged to take drill exercises on weekends as part of reserve training. It was in the years when military service was still an obligation in the aftermath of World … Continue reading The Jeep Club