I hadn’t taken kindly to a suggestion by companions in travel we visit the Maharajah’s palace in Mysore.  The palace was commissioned in 1897, and its construction was completed in 1912. This palace is now one of the famous tourist attractions of India. After a vacation in the mountain cool of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu we’d descended to blistering heat of the plains, and completed our … Continue reading MYSORE PALACE

New Day

  Peeping through the window pane Sunrays give their soft caress Colors like a candy cane Seeking out some soul to bless   Sleepy fingers rub my eyes Then brush silken sheets aside Morning glow a glad surprise Feet in slippers then to slide   Stretching as I haste outside Drinking in the morning joy Singing birds in trees abide Fledglings in their nests so … Continue reading New Day

Only a Fool

        In 1995 after completing ten happy years contract in Singapore we were on our way to the next assignment, a university appointment in the Philippines. I was delighted with the appointment as the new campus had been developed during my time as the Singapore based administrator sourcing funds for the project, and I’d additional good fortune to be on the search … Continue reading Only a Fool