Village Birth

Manohar sat cross legged on the charpoy listening carefully. Squatting around him were some of his male relatives from this village Chandragaon. They were all making small talk to fill in time, but Manohar had other things on his mind and had shut the village out as he thought through his situation. Blaring through the speaker system set up to serve needs of the village … Continue reading Village Birth

Enemy Vanquished

It was Sunday! John groaned as he rolled over in bed trying vainly to avoid early morning sun rays creeping into his room through an open window by the bed. But soon the room was a blaze of the sun’s dominating rays and he sat up grumbling. He’d been up until the wee hours of the morning with friends and was now paying a penalty. … Continue reading Enemy Vanquished


Sylvester Cunningham carefully selected a supermarket trolley from the stack. Everything Sylvester did was contemplated and executed with methodical exactness. He was still smarting over the greeting he’d received as he approached automatic doors which led into the supermarket. Dennis Jones had spotted him heading toward the entrance and shouted a greeting. “Hi Silver!” He hated that name. He winced as he recalled traumas experienced … Continue reading Sylvester

Lachlan’s Lesson

Lachlan remembered clapping hands when his Dad made an announcement they’d be heading for the coast to join cousins on their traditional Christmas family get together. He remembered the excitement of that announcement. Ever since he could remember it was a custom for family to enjoy Easter on the coast, but to share this holiday home with Aunt Beth and Uncle Liam at Christmas. Their … Continue reading Lachlan’s Lesson