Negotiating the Year 2015

Struggling with a lonely life Anxious in this time of strife, Dealing with a life of pain Hoping for financial gain, Children causing parent’s grief Wishing for some time relief. You need a friend! Seeing someone struggle too Is there something you can do? Troubles in this world abound What solution can be found? Suffering on a larger scale You’ve survived to tell the tale. … Continue reading Negotiating the Year 2015

Christmas Gifts

Sally glanced around her bedroom. Everything looked a little worse for wear. She could remember the furniture being delivered to her house long ago to squeals of delight while big brother Fred looked on with envy, but her furniture was now quite dated compared to the bedrooms of her friends at school. Her stuffed toys had mostly survived, though Percival Bear had lost an eye … Continue reading Christmas Gifts

Christmas In Australia

A slightly different presentation to the usual snow scenes of the Northern Hemisphere. I’m experimenting with a PowerPoint presentation on WordPress. Looks like you will have to enter the link below and wait for the PowerPoint to show up, then select show slideshow from the beginning. I got the images from a Christmas card and have no idea who the copyright belongs to but declare … Continue reading Christmas In Australia


Very early morning as the sun peeps at my bed I take the blankets off and rub my eye, If I linger I could sleep some more but I’ll get up instead My sisters still asleep give gentle sigh. Time to visit Grampie so he’ll play a game with me, I like to wake him up so we can play, He pretends to be asleep … Continue reading Claire


I disembarked at the Soekarna-Hatta International Airport and began the long walk down glass walled corridors to Immigration and Customs booths. The clearing officers took a cursory look at my belongings, checked my passport and made sure I had plenty of money to spend during the time I’d be visiting. I was waved through to the luggage carousel making a careful study of the crowd … Continue reading Bandung