Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 5

Betrayal Anvit in his Indian persona imagined life would go on for him in his beloved Mumbai as it had up to his high school years, but after Curt had returned to the US to pursue university studies and Veena suddenly disappeared off the scene with just a hasty goodbye to his family the constant round of meetings with his friends took a quick turnaround. … Continue reading Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 5

Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 4

Mahavir Mahavir sat in his plush New Delhi office deep in thought trying to process a recent phone call from relatives in Mumbai. This had come at an inopportune time as there were strategic decisions to make for his companies requiring full attention. His wife usually cared for domestic issues but this one she’d declined to handle as it involved her extended family and Veena … Continue reading Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 4

Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 3

The Party Victoria hugged her nephew and gasped with pleasure as he darted back and forth between his room and the kitchen bringing out all the things his mother Clara had sent to her twin sister. “You must have paid a lot to clear these through customs?” She said admiring her newly gained loot while Veena looked on enviously. “They went through my suitcases like … Continue reading Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 3

Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 2

Veena They were just about to leave for Breach Candy when the telephone rang. Cook who ruled the home frowned as driver made a move to answer it. He backed off and Cook picked it up answering in her best Marathi. She switched to English when she heard the voice of Memsahib on the line. There was a brief conversation and she went to the … Continue reading Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 2