Oriental Jewel – Chapter 2

Sentosa Andy alighted from the cable car and began his familiar progress toward Siloso Beach. Looming in front of him was the back of the gigantic Merlion, symbol of Singapore. It occurred to him he’d never taken a photo of that imposing structure before and wondered where the best vantage point would be to get full effect. He was in regular contact with cousins in … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 2

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 1

Andy Andy sat looking out the upper floor bedroom window at Holland Park. He attended an international school in Singapore. Both parents worked, his Mom as a teacher at the international school and his Dad for a multinational banking corporation. They’d been in Singapore almost ten years and to Andy Singapore was the norm. He did retain vivid memories of childhood and early school in … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 1

Like Father, Like Son

Bruce pursed his lips and stamped his feet.” You don’t know how to play house and shouldn’t hit me so I’m going home to play by myself!” Ana was holding on to her arm and inspecting it carefully. She looked cross. “It wasn’t nice of you to hit me so hard. I don’t like playing rough because I’m a girl. I hit you because you … Continue reading Like Father, Like Son

Outback Adventure – Chapter 3

Big Decision Trevor was up at 4.30 am to make sure he’d not be embarrassed again when Sheila arrived. This time he took  his day clothes into the small bathroom and was relieved to find a series of nails had been hammered into the back of the door which he assumed were for hanging clothes. He shaved, showered and dressed emerging at 5.30 am to … Continue reading Outback Adventure – Chapter 3