Toasting Tourists Health

The above image copyright Standing on the corner a grotesque arresting sight Twisted limbs protruding from his rags, His wailing sends the pigeons in a hurried startled flight, His clothing from some cast off hessian bags. “Baksheesh” yells this woeful sight as people pass him by Rattling coins to illustrate his words, Then to reinforce it he emits a throaty sigh Throwing curses at … Continue reading Toasting Tourists Health

Unwelcome Visitors has copyright to the above picture. It was Sunday afternoon, and because it was summer we were inside trying desperately to stay within the orbit of our home made water cooler. Our Indian friends had advised during the blistering heat of pre-monsoon all windows and doors should be shut tight daytime, and opened wide at night. That is except for one window where water … Continue reading Unwelcome Visitors