The Day the Bull Ran

Jean Stradshaw sat on the top railing of the cattle tick spray enclosure watching her father chase the young bull down a slope toward the dam. He had an axe in his upraised arm and he meant business. She’s heard him threaten to have those horns removed but knew he’d eventually cool his anger, and have it done mercifully by the district vet. The bull … Continue reading The Day the Bull Ran

Hermon’s Journey – Chapter 2

Reality Check Hermon found the first aid learning modules interesting and threw himself enthusiastically into learning. His father had shown little interest in children learning more than was necessary to run a ranch so his experience with learning had finished with high school, and that was only because his father was aware the law required at least that level of education. But being a strong … Continue reading Hermon’s Journey – Chapter 2

Hermon’s Journey – Chapter 1

  Escape From the Ranch Hermon Mentor stood on the beach surveying his kingdom. Six foot three inches put his shoulders over the heads of most of the men on the beach and he thrilled each time one of them looked at his physique with admiration. His muscles rippled as he saw them approach and he flexed his arm muscles so these stood out while … Continue reading Hermon’s Journey – Chapter 1

Trust Tested

Romain sat at his desk trying to process what he’d just heard. He’d made a quick trip to the office fountain to refill the desk water bottle and emerging from the corridor entered the staff room. He’d overheard Julie talking to a small knot of office workers gathered around her. It was their scheduled office break. Wherever Julie went she was accompanied by her retinue … Continue reading Trust Tested