Des trudged along behind his mother followed by his smaller brother Ted. Mother strode ahead carrying her Bible proudly. It was the Lord’s Day and she was going to enjoy it. Des knew this road like the back of his hand, he’d trudged it many times before. They’d descended to the bottom of the first hill and to the left lay stark dark blue evidence … Continue reading O’Donnells

Transitions – Chapter 6

Renewal Felicity Rani stretched in her wicker chair and got to her feet. She headed for the kitchen to enquire about progress in food preparation. She was strict about timing and everyone knew it. Chief cook recited the menu for the evening with choices where necessary and indicated each pot where those menu items lay in readiness for the return of guests from their evening … Continue reading Transitions – Chapter 6

Transitions – Chapter 5

Partition Felicity Rani sighed and turned to look at guest children playing in hotel gardens. Their parents sat in broad armed chairs reading books and drinking limbu pani and other beverages enjoying final sunlight hours. Soon it would begin getting cold and they’d return to their rooms to dress up for evening walks around viewing areas on the mountain where they could see winking lights … Continue reading Transitions – Chapter 5