Dora Creek

Early morning at the stream Mist hangs in the bracing air Ripples on the water gleam Tell me that there fishes there Ducks emerging from the reeds Water dragon turns and stares Tiny birds are pecking seeds Mother earth her bounty shares Freeway sounds a distant noise Rustling leaves their stories tell Whole creation peace enjoys Fallen leaves give musty smell Turn from scene, reluctant … Continue reading Dora Creek

Majoring in Minors

Image sourced from In my last blog I mentioned our part dingo, part whatever cattle dog called Sandy. Sandy was one of those indispensable animals a farm would not be a farm without. Actually there were three farm dogs we inherited along with the tractor, implements and an assortment of beasts and other machinery. One was an Australian blue heeler that developed a massive … Continue reading Majoring in Minors

Jump in Sandy!

I still remember my first glimpse of the Mooloo property we’d purchased. We’d laboured up the winding dirt track, which narrowed as we moved to the crest of the mountain in our Morris Oxford Panel Van. Through the back window panels my attention had been riveted to the left side of a road that seemed to my young eyes to disappear into an empty void … Continue reading Jump in Sandy!

The Christmas Bell

Lost Heritage – The Christmas Bell (Blandfordia flammea)         From the dream time of this southland till the settlers made their way To the Wallum* lands along the Sunshine Coast, In their season glorious wildflowers formed a carpet overlay, Things of wonder that the tribesmen valued most. Recent settlers soon discovered that their fragrant Christmas bell Was of value to the Brisbane … Continue reading The Christmas Bell

The Hills of Home

Maude darted a nervous grin at Eric as he climbed in behind the wheel. There was a lot riding on this trip. Their three kids were already complaining about being stowed into the back of the van, even though they’d provided cushions for them – they had to accept the old 1949 Morris Oxford van wasn’t the most comfortable mode of transport. They just hoped … Continue reading The Hills of Home