Graceful movement down the aisle, Father’s pride and Mother’s joy, On her lips the bridal smile Dazzles now the waiting boy Father grasps her tighter still Loathe is he to lose his girl, Dove chirps on the window sill Waits to see the veil unfurl Mother sobs with silent tear Joy and sadness mingled there, Sobered with a silent fear Wonders how the loss she’ll … Continue reading Bonnie

Passage to India

August 6, 1965 we were on our way to Port Adelaide, Australia to join the Italian passenger liner Marconi for our first overseas adventure. There was an air of excitement mingled with apprehension as we negotiated the swaying gangplank with our carry on luggage. Down in the bowels of the ship were our earthly possessions, a modest collection of furnishings and household bits and pieces. … Continue reading Passage to India

The Day the Stork Arrived

Thursday February 12, 1942 dawned a pleasant summer day and this five year old climbed out of bed and headed for Eric and Maude’s bedroom as usual, to be tucked in for a few moments and enjoy parental conversation before all emerged to greet the day together. For some time now little boy Ian had been rescheduled to Eric’s side of the bed, a source … Continue reading The Day the Stork Arrived

Balancing Life’s Activities

Copyright reference for above image – “You have no appreciation of what I’m trying to do for this family!” Joe was working his way to the top of his stress threshold as he paced the room waving his arms in frustration. Kate almost decided to retreat before things got out of hand, but her tendency toward brinksmanship prevented her. “Joe, this family needs a … Continue reading Balancing Life’s Activities

She’s Gone

He sits dejected on the old lounge floor Head leans back in search of one now passed Eyes glancing hopeful at the entrance door In memory searching when he’d seen her last Those precious times he sat her on his lap As both of them watched movies in the night, And many times he’d wake up from a nap To see her there, a very … Continue reading She’s Gone