The Winds of Strife

An eerie glow in yonder sky The village stopped to stare, They’d seen it all in days gone by For it was hardly rare. The news reports on high alert For typhoons ran this way, The last one’s damage really hurt It’s memory to stay. The people had nowhere to go Their options very few, Another storm, a fatal blow Could they their hopes renew? … Continue reading The Winds of Strife

Bruce’s Life Adjustment

Bruce was in high spirits as he walked into the medical centre. He was a very methodical person, sometimes to the irritation of his spouse Gwen. He was careful to meet his regular scheduled medical check-up appointments. One can’t be too careful he intoned to those who had an interest in listening. Because that was his strong conviction he was careful with good health check … Continue reading Bruce’s Life Adjustment

Nature in Retreat

  Tranquil meadows timbered hills, Wildlife in abundance there. Lonely bush paths, spirit thrills Unspoiled beauty, not a care.   Thinking of this tranquil place Make a pledge to settle there, Force country laws to give them space Clear the bushland leave it bare   Wildlife leave is mass despair, Roads replace the paths they know Know no longer welcome there, Sewers replace river flow. … Continue reading Nature in Retreat

The Morning Tamasha

Chandra paused from her work and listened with the practiced care of a mother who had children of her own. Baby Hilda was stirring and making muffled whimpering sounds from her cradle in the main bedroom. Memsahib had entrusted the little one to Chandra while she made a quick trip to the Darji on Main Street to find out why he hadn’t delivered dresses ordered … Continue reading The Morning Tamasha