Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 1

Culture Shock Curt was in major culture shock as he stepped out of the Mumbai international terminal. His cousin Bruce was supposed to meet him as he exited arrivals area but as Bruce was no where in sight he wondered if there’d been a miscommunication and he was supposed to meet outside the entrance. Not having travelled before Curt had looked on this as a … Continue reading Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 1

Mail Order Bride – Chapter 4

Rescued Nancy withdrew her finger from the stop call button on her cell phone deciding to leave it on so her parents could listen if they were still connected. She turned to face Sven. “I think your wife needs to go to hospital Sven. It seems she must have had a very bad fall and it’s just as well I was able to make this … Continue reading Mail Order Bride – Chapter 4

Mail Order Bride – Chapter 3

The Discovery As matters of family abuse are a community concern, authorities need to be consulted and it must be done carefully to see not only does the abuse stop but where necessary appropriate action is taken to remove those affected from future danger. The administrative head teacher after listening to Nancy’s report sighed. They’d had one or two cases like this to deal with … Continue reading Mail Order Bride – Chapter 3

Mail Order Bride – Chapter 2

In Search of the Truth Nancy had reported back to the school head she couldn’t be certain of any physical abuse for the child. What could have been threatening signals to Sven’s wife could also be interpreted as being upset the mother had not supervised her child climbing a tree. If the father was interested enough to build play equipment for his son there’d have … Continue reading Mail Order Bride – Chapter 2