The Stupidbaker

Image courtesy of Word from the top indicated we should join a group already at the village of Lasalgaon in Maharashtra India for consultations, and these orders were of immediate effect. So we had some consultations of our own to determine which of our ancient vehicles would be able to make that trip in a day. Going by bus was certainly not under consideration … Continue reading The Stupidbaker

Becoming a Man

The above image copyrighted to Microsoft Corporation An angry voice, a muffled scream The sound of sobbing heard, The boys awoke, was this a dream? But that would be absurd! For this had been a happy place No threat to any one And violence thought a great disgrace, Eyes gazed at eldest son He slowly climbed out of his bed His body shook with fright, … Continue reading Becoming a Man

Block B

This image is copyrighted to Usually my stories identify place and time, but this one will have to be different. I’ve learned reliving of events, even if true, occasionally hit a raw nerve and people choose to take offence rather than enjoy the humor of the situation. We were on overseas appointment. It was just after the birth of our first child Helen-Maree. Georgine … Continue reading Block B