An Act of Courage

The above image belongs to It had been a terrible week for all of us. Our usually tranquil campus had become a seething mass of angry students who were either trying to force administration into liberalizing programs, or desperately trying to protect themselves from militants. The College President was under siege and calmly trying to ride out this storm, while faculty debated ways and … Continue reading An Act of Courage

Andrew’s Long Journey

  Andrew Kazy Chapter 1 – Early Years Andrew was born in the nation of Transylvania to parents Andras Kazy and Magdaline Husczic. Since the Magyars (Hungarians) swept into Europe in 896 CE this had been considered Hungarian land and the territories of Transylvania were formally attached and remained with Hungary between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries, until a Turkish invasion incorporated most of the … Continue reading Andrew’s Long Journey

Computer Woes

Pressed the button one two times Wait to hear computer chimes, Screen is blank, no noises heard Another press, that makes it third. Check the battery in the mouse, Look for spares around the house, Next the keyboard power light Dust inside unseemly sight! Power sockets in their place, Tangled wires great disgrace, Cables fitted look alright Feel the couplings out of sight. Now take … Continue reading Computer Woes