Riding the River in Bangladesh

Ever ready Fred In the month of August monsoon rains over Southern Asia steadily deposit their liquid gold into the great river systems, and much of the resulting flood passes through the country of Bangladesh on its way to the Bay of Bengal. During dry season the country is crisscrossed by hundreds of channels in this delta region, but by August the swelling channels spill … Continue reading Riding the River in Bangladesh


It only seemed like yesterday they occupied the land In former times were pastures lush and green, The land would yield its bounties for this happy family band And poverty was nowhere to be seen. Bill scanned the fields around him and he tried to force a smile, Those memories of family long ago, His parents and his siblings on recall from memory file, The … Continue reading Drought

I Forgot to Sing the Song

Unfortunately I’ve reached an age where I’m inclined to forget things. They tell me age isn’t the only contributor to forgetfulness, and I’m glad to know that. Take for example those who’ve been subjected to stress, they find it hard to recall things that need to be remembered. Forgetfulness can be quite irritating, but it’s of greater concern to those of us who realize it’s … Continue reading I Forgot to Sing the Song