The Singapore Connection – Chapter 2

Tragedy at the Yacht Club Jade put on her stoic face and let the family take over planning. Once her cooperation was gained Wong Hui made his move. Through selected staff Stanley socialized and worked with his attention was constantly drawn to Jade’s beauty and his need to settle down and take a wife and he should consider her. His response was always the same. … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 2

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 1

Precious Memories Stanley Alan Pengelly stood on the footpath overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a familiar sight but as his mind turned back the pages of his life he contrasted the beach at Mooloolaba with the way it was when as a boy his father would bring them to this place for their half year camping vacation. He remembered learning to water ski a … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 1

Mail Order Bride – Chapter 4

Rescued Nancy withdrew her finger from the stop call button on her cell phone deciding to leave it on so her parents could listen if they were still connected. She turned to face Sven. “I think your wife needs to go to hospital Sven. It seems she must have had a very bad fall and it’s just as well I was able to make this … Continue reading Mail Order Bride – Chapter 4

Mail Order Bride – Chapter 3

The Discovery As matters of family abuse are a community concern, authorities need to be consulted and it must be done carefully to see not only does the abuse stop but where necessary appropriate action is taken to remove those affected from future danger. The administrative head teacher after listening to Nancy’s report sighed. They’d had one or two cases like this to deal with … Continue reading Mail Order Bride – Chapter 3

Mail Order Bride – Chapter 2

In Search of the Truth Nancy had reported back to the school head she couldn’t be certain of any physical abuse for the child. What could have been threatening signals to Sven’s wife could also be interpreted as being upset the mother had not supervised her child climbing a tree. If the father was interested enough to build play equipment for his son there’d have … Continue reading Mail Order Bride – Chapter 2

Mail Order Bride – Chapter 1

Great Expectations Virgilio sat in the corner facing the wall with hands over his ears vainly trying not to hear the cries of his mother as Sven beat her. It was becoming a habit now and Virgilio was terrified. He was too frightened to make any noise as Sven could turn attention to him. He’d tried to defend his mother one time before even though … Continue reading Mail Order Bride – Chapter 1

Jun Jie – Chapter 3

Moving Up Jun Jie was at the office early on Monday morning and waited patiently for Zheng to arrive and open the agency office for the day. Zheng was uncertain how to deal with the situation and waited to see what eventuated when Mr Wu arrived. If Jun Jie was to be employed she hoped it would be under her supervision so she could show … Continue reading Jun Jie – Chapter 3

Jun Jie – Chapter 2

Career Change Zheng fumbled for her keys. It was her duty to open the Orchard Road office each morning. The big bosses were sometimes late having cared for important tour groups during regular late nights, and the remainder of their tour guides would already be at the various hotels facilitating the commencement of regular tourist tours for the day. Zheng had only been employed for … Continue reading Jun Jie – Chapter 2

Jun Jie – Chapter 1

Family in Transition Jun Jie stood at the entrance of their apartment and looked out from the balcony over the street below. She enjoyed their apartment where her mother Lanfen and younger brother Chi shared a three-bedroom unit. Raising her eyes, she could see high rises in both directions as she turned her head from side to side. The collection of traffic flowing in orderly … Continue reading Jun Jie – Chapter 1

The Winds of Strife

An eerie glow in yonder sky The village stopped to stare, They’d seen it all in days gone by For it was hardly rare. The news reports on high alert For typhoons ran this way, The last one’s damage really hurt It’s memory to stay. The people had nowhere to go Their options very few, Another storm, a fatal blow Could they their hopes renew? … Continue reading The Winds of Strife