CHAPTER 4 – OFF WITH THE OLD, ON WITH THE NEW Asha almost addressed Tad as Sir then remembered comments in the dossier in front of him. Finally, she got it out as directed and addressed him by his personal name. She felt strange doing that. She gave him a quick history of the arranged marriage, the long delay with the visa, how she’d contacted … Continue reading ASHA (आशा: CHAPTER 4

ASHA (आशा: (Hindi name meaning “hope”).”

CHAPTER 1 A NEW LIFE Asha sat at her desk staring at the computer screen. There was a clatter of human movement telling her the days work had begun as papers and files made their appearance on desks and filing cabinet drawers clanked open and shut. She could already hear the muffled conversations coming from seemingly endless cubicles in this open plan office space. Just … Continue reading ASHA (आशा: (Hindi name meaning “hope”).”

GOPAL गोपाल – Chapter 2

Restitution Gopal was aware of the route to Dhaka but had little comprehension of how long it would take to make it to the Hindu homeland, India. Travelling ten hours a day by foot would take a week to get to the border, that is assuming they could get help with food along the way. He was tempted to return to his home and dig … Continue reading GOPAL गोपाल – Chapter 2

GOPAL गोपाल – Chapter 1

(GOPAL. From the Sanskrit word go “cow” and pala “protector” and taken to mean “cowherd”.) Slaughter on the Ganges. Gopal sat on the banks of the river and watched as his herd fossicked among grassland and then carefully made their way down the slippery path to a shallow portion of the waterway to drink. He lived in the village of Deviganj and among his brothers … Continue reading GOPAL गोपाल – Chapter 1

दत्तु (Datu)

The Paan Wallah prepared betel leaf with areca nut as Datu waited patiently. He never tired of watching the process as the stall holder worked his trade. The Paan Wallah held out his hand before handing over the final product and gave his red stained teeth grin. Datu reached into his money pouch and produced the usual payment while the vendor continued to hold out … Continue reading दत्तु (Datu)

Jun Jie – Chapter 3

Moving Up Jun Jie was at the office early on Monday morning and waited patiently for Zheng to arrive and open the agency office for the day. Zheng was uncertain how to deal with the situation and waited to see what eventuated when Mr Wu arrived. If Jun Jie was to be employed she hoped it would be under her supervision so she could show … Continue reading Jun Jie – Chapter 3

Jun Jie – Chapter 2

Career Change Zheng fumbled for her keys. It was her duty to open the Orchard Road office each morning. The big bosses were sometimes late having cared for important tour groups during regular late nights, and the remainder of their tour guides would already be at the various hotels facilitating the commencement of regular tourist tours for the day. Zheng had only been employed for … Continue reading Jun Jie – Chapter 2

Jun Jie – Chapter 1

Family in Transition Jun Jie stood at the entrance of their apartment and looked out from the balcony over the street below. She enjoyed their apartment where her mother Lanfen and younger brother Chi shared a three-bedroom unit. Raising her eyes, she could see high rises in both directions as she turned her head from side to side. The collection of traffic flowing in orderly … Continue reading Jun Jie – Chapter 1

The Fugitive’s Return – Chapter 2

Fulfilled Dream Hussain picked up his cell phone and searched through the picture gallery. He leaned over to Grant. “There’s one of the family you haven’t seen this evening, can you think back as to who that may be?” Grant immediately responded. “Meenu, I suppose she’s married to some rich man somewhere in the world.” He used his pet name for Meena and Hussain smiled … Continue reading The Fugitive’s Return – Chapter 2

The Fugitive’s Return – Chapter 1

Flirting with Danger Grant emerged from the minibus with a mixture of happiness and fear. He was followed by an assortment of tourists complaining about cramped conditions on the way from Mumbai. They’d been irritated by the heat on arrival and the cramped quarters of the minibus with luggage piled around them as they’d negotiated traffic out of a city which never seemed to end. … Continue reading The Fugitive’s Return – Chapter 1