तितली (Butterfly) Chapter 6

The End of an Era and Beginning of a New. On his return to Dehradun the Colonel sought out Major Lancaster informing him of his retirement from army duties and the Major’s elevation to the command of the base. The Major considered Cartwright his mentor and benefactor in positioning him for advancement and the honour of his appointment as replacement and ordered an immediate function … Continue reading तितली (Butterfly) Chapter 6

तितली (Butterfly) Chapter 5

Trouble in Calcutta Colonel Cartwright was in the process of reviewing troops with officers gathered around him when a runner appeared and requested permission to deliver his orders. Permission granted the Colonel handed over command to Captain Lancaster and strode to the Company Headquarters office taking his seat behind the desk. The runner saluted and extended his hand with a sealed letter. He read it … Continue reading तितली (Butterfly) Chapter 5

तितली (Butterfly) – Chapter 4

Decisions Noorzia and Titali lay on mats in Matildas bedroom. They’d done that for a couple of weeks during Matilda’s illness administering local medicines during the night along with drugs to help her sleep. Matilda was often in sweat as the body released toxins with the help of these medications. They bathed her often to keep her body clean. Women of the hills were expert … Continue reading तितली (Butterfly) – Chapter 4

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 7

 Grafted into the Family Jade’s father consulted with Wong Hui and then beckoned to Stanley. “My brother has rescheduled his program and will take your appointments for today.” Wong Hui and the spiritual advisor left the room. Jade’s father continued. “You will accompany me now as we have much to talk about. Wong Hui determined soon after your transfer to Singapore you have great talent … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 7

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 5

  Decision Time  The minibus dropped Jade off at their extended family bungalows on Thomson Road where she had her own attached unit with path through to the reservoir where she jogged morning and evening avoiding the cursed monkeys she hated. Now and then the family would discover a fugitive python escaped from the reservoir, so families were careful to see no pets were outside … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 5

The Singapore Connection – Chapter 2

Tragedy at the Yacht Club Jade put on her stoic face and let the family take over planning. Once her cooperation was gained Wong Hui made his move. Through selected staff Stanley socialized and worked with his attention was constantly drawn to Jade’s beauty and his need to settle down and take a wife and he should consider her. His response was always the same. … Continue reading The Singapore Connection – Chapter 2

New Neighbours – Chapter 1

Cultural Orientation Tess Sheffield paused from dinner preparation at the kitchen deck and looked at her husband Bert. “Did you hear that noise, it sounded like a big truck near the entrance to our driveway. Are you expecting any delivery for your workshop?” Bert grunted as you folded the newspaper and listened carefully. He stretched and arose from the comfortable chair in their family room. … Continue reading New Neighbours – Chapter 1