Abaeze whispered to his friend Benjamin in the most spoken Nigerian Yoruba language apart from the national official spoken language English as the truck sped through the Chunnel on its way through to their destination in the UK. They had relatives there who’d assist them to melt into the underworld of illegal immigrants and find them work that would care for their survival needs bypassing … Continue reading ABAEZE

Nowhere to Go – Chapter 3

  Relationship Breakdown Milly sped home to work with the information gleaned on her desktop computer. She felt happy with her morning’s activities but noted Katy was beginning to fret. The child needed to be home resting. When finished she smiled proudly. Not a bad morning’s work she thought. She liked being busy. She emailed her finished work including attachments to Eric, and for good … Continue reading Nowhere to Go – Chapter 3

HAJAR (abandoned)

Hajar peeped out through a door crack in the hut she was being held in. She was beginning to respond to that name now though was aware it hadn’t been the name her mother called her. She didn’t know how old she was or the circumstances in which she’d been herded into a truck with these other women as her mother screamed while being dragged … Continue reading HAJAR (abandoned)