तितली (Butterfly) – Chapter 4

Decisions Noorzia and Titali lay on mats in Matildas bedroom. They’d done that for a couple of weeks during Matilda’s illness administering local medicines during the night along with drugs to help her sleep. Matilda was often in sweat as the body released toxins with the help of these medications. They bathed her often to keep her body clean. Women of the hills were expert … Continue reading तितली (Butterfly) – Chapter 4

Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 6

Discovery Veena sat on campus away from other groups sitting together chatting, she was serious about finishing her MBA and determined not to let one minute of social opportunity come between her and her studies. Oh, she did socialize and was quite popular but kept it all to a minimum, so parties didn’t draw her away from studies. She wanted to hurry her studies along … Continue reading Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 6

Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 5

Betrayal Anvit in his Indian persona imagined life would go on for him in his beloved Mumbai as it had up to his high school years, but after Curt had returned to the US to pursue university studies and Veena suddenly disappeared off the scene with just a hasty goodbye to his family the constant round of meetings with his friends took a quick turnaround. … Continue reading Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 5

Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 3

The Party Victoria hugged her nephew and gasped with pleasure as he darted back and forth between his room and the kitchen bringing out all the things his mother Clara had sent to her twin sister. “You must have paid a lot to clear these through customs?” She said admiring her newly gained loot while Veena looked on enviously. “They went through my suitcases like … Continue reading Anvit अन्वित – Chapter 3