Graceful movement down the aisle,
Father’s pride and Mother’s joy,
On her lips the bridal smile
Dazzles now the waiting boy

Father grasps her tighter still
Loathe is he to lose his girl,
Dove chirps on the window sill
Waits to see the veil unfurl

Mother sobs with silent tear
Joy and sadness mingled there,
Sobered with a silent fear
Wonders how the loss she’ll bear.

Long ago the baby born,
Mother’s joy and Father’s pride,
Now from Mother’s side she’s torn
Baby girl now radiant bride

Quickly all those years passed by
Memories steeped in family love,
Bonnie catches Mother’s eye
Glancing back to boy above

Boy advances ramrod straight,
Takes his bride from Father’s arm
Look of love for his soul mate
Couple’s love the parent’s balm

Both of them have said “I do”
Now they’re married man and wife
Parents greet the happy two
Wish them joy and peace in life.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2011, all rights reserved”

4 thoughts on “Bonnie

  1. You have captured well in this poem the feelings that arise during the wedding of one of our children. Another work of art sweet Ian. Hugs


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