Falling rain like sheets of glass
Showers from each window crack,
Towels around each shuttered door,
Building shudders, front to back.

Trembling she lies on her bed
Listens to the typhoon shriek
Wondering if the house will break
Terror has no words to speak!

Coconuts like cannon balls
Penetrate the yielding earth
With resounding angry sound
Flying mud and scattered turf,

Will she make it through the day?
Shaking, she recalls her life
Wishes husband could be here
To comfort in this tempest strife.

Suddenly the tempest stops,
Shakily she leaves her bed,
Looks outside at broken trees
Glad she was inside instead.

Then the fury strikes again,
Typhoon eye has passed them by,
Rushes back to bed again
Hiding from this angry sky

Hours pass, time seems to slow,
Typhoon passes with a roar
Seeking things it can destroy,
Things it hasn’t struck before.

People knocking on her door
Tell her that the typhoon’s passed,
Rushes out to greet her friends,
She survived the tempest blast!

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2011, all rights reserved.”

12 thoughts on “Typhoon

  1. Re; retirement as a career—-
    In your case that is probably true for awhile. In my case Fee’s Law #22 “kicks in” after I have been “in retirement” for 20 years or more.
    Well I have been in retirement since 1990 and if me reconning is correct I must seek a new career. So my Chief of the Tour Guides
    in the soon to be conceptualized Ohio Museum of Broadcasting is the new career I am trying to build. That more fully explains why I am forced by my own (foolhardy) Law # 22 (it has become a Catch 22) to seen a new career.
    Jim the Fee


  2. I finally have a Pic ID in place. I tried a couple of times and one finally took. I like WordPress, but, I have not got all of the “navigation” steps down pat yet. Learning new “pathways” are a bit slower than they used to be for me. But, I am getting there. I’ll have some news for you a bit later this week on my next career and where it is going.
    I think it is grand to be starting a final career this late in the game and I am looking forward to it!
    Cheers, Jim the Fee


  3. Ah HAH, so ’twas you that caused all that rukus in 1980. I had wondered why we had such weird things going on in Yellowstone and
    in Bakersfiled, CA. I know that whole part of California has been prone to those earthquakes and the like; but, Barkersfield had been clear of those events for all time, as far as the records show, until you were there in 1980!?!? We you planning a trip to the USA this year; I need to know where you will be if you are coming over. lol
    Jim the fee


    1. Well now, I hadn’t thought of that. I’d always looked on myself as a little ray of sunshine and here you tell me I’m a bearer of catastrophies! lol. I probably won’t be making any more international journeys again as health does not permit, but if I do I’ll be there bearer of more startling surprises for you all.


    1. Fortunately we were recalled to Australia to manage a hospital just a few months after arriving at the University in the Phillipines, so I never got to experience a Typhoon.


  4. WoW! That was as personal as being there yourself!! You and your family do manage to have adventure in your life!! How do you do that??
    Jim the Fee


    1. Yes we certainly have had some interesting things happen. I remember our trip to the US in 1980 in particular. We dodged a tornado in the northern states, got snowed out of Yellowstone Park in summer time and were in the middle of an earthquake in Bakersfield CA


  5. Wow! Your version (in poetry, yet) is as vivid as any video view and certainly more motive driven than any eye witness tv reporter talking from on the scene. You are painting better discriptions in your form than any of the other attempt to cover the “inside look at a Typhoon!!”
    Cheers, for you and your poets view
    Jim the Fee


    1. We had just relocated to a university campus in the Philippines. I flew back to Singapore to tie up some loose ends there and while away the typhoon struck. I’ve put into poetry my wife’s description of her ordeal.


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