Timely Rescue

The above image credited to http://www.gulfcoastdrugrehab.com

Waiting at the corner to observe the passers by
Fire burning deeply in his vein,
Wants to kick the habit and has given it a try
He had to stop because of chill and pain.

Fever reaches breaking point he has to have a fix,
Wish he hadn’t tried it back at school,
Robbed his Mom and Dad until they tired of this tricks
Everyone has branded him a fool.

Now he’s on the streets you see him begging for his meals
Stealing where he can to get some cash,
Wishes passing folk could know how horrible he feels,
Fears that he’ll now do something rash

He sees and old man limping on a lonely pavement near,
His strong desire and shame in equal mix,
Memories of his Grandpa makes this wretched shed a tear
Dependency screams loudly for a fix.

He grabs the old man roughly and demands to have his cash,
Old man looks at him with great surprise,
And then a passing stranger overtakes them with a dash
There’s righteous indignation in his eyes.

The stranger pins him firmly as he turns to the old man
To check if he has suffered any harm,
While young lad twists in agony, he’ll run off if he can
But the stranger has him firmly by the arm.

Old man thanks the stranger then he takes the youngster’s arm,
“Please don’t think too harshly of this lad.
He just dropped by to greet me and he didn’t mean to harm,
And knowing that he found me makes me glad!”

The stranger then apologized and went upon his way,
The young man’s mouth dropped open in surprise
For no one showed him kindness and they always chased away,
They tiring of his brashness and his lies.

The old man puts his arm around the quietly sobbing boy
He offers him some money with a grin,
The boy’s face shines in hopefulness, reflecting inner joy
Returns the cash with hand now soiled and thin

He tells the man he’s sorry as he searches wrinkled face,
What makes this man so different from the rest?
He thanks him for his kind response, his heaven inspired grace,
He’s now resolved to pass that future test.

He turns his steps to check in to the nearby rehab place,
With strong determination to succeed
When strong enough he’d like to see the old man’s saintly face
Whose thoughtfulness had filled this addict’s need.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2011. All rights reserved”

8 thoughts on “Timely Rescue

  1. Ian, this is the second time around on reading this piece. I had mixed feelings about how to “read” it before. I just quick scanned it the first time. Now I am around it a second time and I see it much more clearly. You have bound up your philosophy of life in this story.
    And, I found that verified in your comments to Mumsy and Gary. Did you get your start on that trail from Eric early in your life? I remember the story of Eric and the cigarette that he took from the soldier on the train and it strikes me now that was one of his early lessons to you. Anyway, another superior story by the master.
    Cheers, Jim the Fee


  2. Sweet Ian this is wonderful! One never knows what one small gesture can do to turn one’s life around. Hugs


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