While I walk by the sea,
turn my gaze to the sky

Watch the storm clouds
approach from afar,

And I watch the sea rage,
white caps sending their spray

While the ships hasten crossing
the bar


There’s safety in there
as all fishermen know,

There’s a shelter away
from the gale.

And their anchors hold
firm while the stormy winds blow

As the seamen remove tattered


It’s the same in real
life when the stormy winds come

And you face its cold thrusting

But a friend beckons on,
to His safe haven home;

In that place all our
fears will subside.


“© Copyright Ian Grice 2011 All rights reserved


7 thoughts on “Storm

  1. wow, that’s epic. I know you are writing wonderful but this one here its giant.

    You’ve surpassed yourself …

    (Aaaaaaaaaand, happy Birthday, my friend 🙂 )


  2. so much alive.
    the first part describing the storm, the sea and the fishermen is so alive and vivid i can clearly smell the salty waves splashing and hear the outrageous thunder roaring…
    but the safety is not as at hand. sometimes the sea claims lives…
    anyhow, for sure God is always the best ready, so willing to help, to love, to guide..we should just call Him.
    thx for sharing.


  3. Ah! Yes! Ian the Grise — poetry from the soul. You are at one of your best forms in poetry. We can feel the thrusts and pulls of those waves as the small boats strive for safe harbor. And the humanising in the end that makes to poem a metaphore of events in everyones life from one instance or another.
    Great Poem, Ian.
    Jim the Fee


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