The Internet Lie

Sitting in the shadows as they watched the corner store
In unmarked police car two of them were there
Waiting for the woman they’d instructed just before
They were watching as the passers by did stare

The woman had been dressed up in a modern teenage way
It was not the style she’d wanted to be dressed
But it was the way to catch him she had heard the policeman say
So she ventured out now shaking and distressed.

She recently discovered on her daughter’s own web page
Disturbing things that gripped her heart with fear
Then she phoned the vice squad hotline in a burst of Mother rage
She’d do anything to shelter daughter dear

Some person had been grooming her how long she didn’t know
He was seeking to convince her it was cool
He would take this little girl in hand and such a good time show
As he told her that her Mother was a fool.

At the age of fourteen old enough and competent said he
To make her own decisions as she’d need
At the age of sixteen old enough he told her that he’d be
The one to make quite sure that she was freed

By the language of the emails Mother knew this wasn’t so
He was certainly a man and not a boy
And the Mother burned with anger she was now a raging foe
She said this evil person she’d destroy

The Police took daughter’s web page and they groomed instead the man
And he took the bait said Mother she should leave
He’d send someone collect her for her life had just began
She’d be rid of home and never more would grieve

The policemen watched intently as the Mother in disguise
Approached the store with flower in her hair
This was to be the signal the predator thought most wise
To signal that his child was really there

A car drew near approached the curb and hailed the disguised Mum
And asked her if her name was Christy Gane
He said his son had asked him to collect her would she come
The vice squad then came running from the lane

The man attempted to escape the police then bumped his car
When he lost control his car then hit a post
So he tried to make a run for it from car door left ajar
He jumped a fence and headed for the coast

But the Police were out in force that day and he was soon outrun
With Christy’s Mom in hot pursuit behind
But as she rained her blows on him she wished she had a gun
Then he never would another victim find.

When they charged him, he spent time in jail and later on parole
He went back on line to try his luck again
For men like that are lacking in humanity and soul
Our laws are insufficient to restrain

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2011 All rights reserved”

6 thoughts on “The Internet Lie

  1. So sad that this happens all the time and there seems to be very little done about it. There should be much more aggressive measures taken to protect the children. And much better laws to take care of those who do such horrific things. Hugs!.


    1. It really frustrates me to see these kind of animals freed after a period in prison only to do the same thing over again. If they have that tendency they should be kept locked away permanently to keep our children safe.


  2. Very effective in the poetic form. The message is clear right to the very end. The preditor is not going to change. The sentencing could be raised to life in prison with parole never sooner than 20 years; but, old that he might be (or she) the old compulsions would arise and the action would be started once again. The only solution is not a popular one and I will not even voice it here.
    Jim the Fee


    1. I saw a documentary in which one interviewed in jail stated that if and when they were released they’d surely do it all over again. The one being interviewed said the urges were just too powerful for him to resist. It would be an act of mercy to such people and to the public in general to keep them locked away.


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