Most Dangerous Predator

Down by the brook where the wild rushes grow
Making their nests in the rush growth there,
Away from the stream where the swift waters flow
Migrating ducks safe their fledglings bear.

Singing their songs in joyous praise,
Seeking their food in the mud banks near,
To hastily return when alarm calls raise
Sheltering their fluffy brood from man with fear.

Men on the bank scan the brook too and fro
Loading their guns as they think of the spoil,
Dogs on their leash straining ready to go
Eveready for the chase, and faithfully loyal.

Barking with joy when a lone duck falls,
Seeking their prey in the mud banks near,
To hastily retrieve when the master calls
Knowing with their masters they need not fear.

Later in the day with the hunters returned
Back to their homes with their days catch in tow,
Ducks re-appear ‘tis a hard lesson learned,
Man’s a dangerous predator as all ducks know.

Beautiful stream, though unsafe to swim
Back in the rushes their safety lies
Away from the light in the bulrushes dim
The ducks dream of safety in north tundra skies.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2012, all rights reserved”

13 Comments Add yours

  1. First ducks, then bigger game (more challenging) – and then the logical progression – each other.


    1. All God’s creatures were given us to enjoy in their natural habitat. I can understand people using them as food where there is no other solution to keep them alive, but killing for sport is a crime.


      1. I admit to a certain deep shallowness. If “meat” weren’t pre-packaged and slaughtered by others, I would never hunt it. That’s why I am trying to use less of it on a daiy basis. Peraps one day I will evolve to be “meat free”.


      2. I guess I got cured of eating meat seeing it hanging in street stalls on some of my travels with a heaping helping of flies feasting on it. I only eat fish, so am largely vegetarian


  2. Esther Norton says:

    I had to send this poem to one of my grandsons who likes to hunt for ducks. Esther


    1. We have a pond in our suburb that plays host to a number of water birds including ducks. It’s much more fun to watch them than to shoot them.


  3. Therese says:

    Man is always on top in the pyramid of food chain >.< the most dangerous predator indeed ^_^


    1. I know some animals provide necessary food but hate people slaughtering for sport.


  4. lostupabove says:

    I hate hunters. All winter they have been running up and down the fields shooting pheasants and hares.


  5. susanai says:

    Whoever it was invented the gun – I just hope they shot themselves in the foot on one fine day.


    1. I guess humans are so perverse they would have invented something else to take it’s place Sue. Some of the weapons they have now make the gun look harmless.


  6. Eric Alagan says:

    Man the ultimate predator…but not much without his weapons and tools.


    1. You are absolutely right Eric.


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