Jimmy’s Pet Lesson

Jimmy chasing tabby cat
Squealing with delight,
Wobbly legs and baby fat
Most delightful sight!

Mother pausing from her toil
Smiles with Mother’s pride,
Listens to the kettle boil
Watches from inside.

Jimmy catches tabby then
Squeezing with his might,
Tabby jumps back down again
Whimpering with fright.

Jimmy grabs his pet again,
Tabby gives a hiss,
Then he feels a searing pain
Something’s gone amiss!

Gazes at his wounded hand,
Feels the pain intense,
Jimmy cannot understand
Tabby’s quick defence.

Mother watching from above
Rushes to his aid,
Smothers wounded child with love
Puts a quick band aid

Dry’s away poor Jimmy’s tear,
Croons a lullaby,
Tender kisses banish fear
Tabby sits nearby.

“Mustn’t hurt poor tabby dear”
Mother croons to Jim,
“Tabby scratches out of fear
Please be kind to him.”

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2012, all rights reserved”

6 thoughts on “Jimmy’s Pet Lesson

  1. We had tons of cats at home! Lucky I never had the chance to squeeze them like how poor Jimmy did with all his might! LOL, but I also remember hugging puppies, sometimes I get carried away and I’m not satisfied hugging it until I hear it cry for help… then my mom would scold me >>.<<

    wonderful poem! I enjoy reading it 😀


    1. Yes people were generally not kind to animals and it is no wonder they reacted. Fortunately we have come a long way in realizing animals can be wonderful friends and should be treated with love and respect.


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