The *Outback

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When I’m driving in the centre of this continent of mine
In the hot and dusty landscape little known,
Where the weather is predictable it’s almost always fine
And gigantic marbles scattered round are thrown,

Where *Uluru stands proudly on a stark and naked plain
And original Australians keep it guard.
Where stories of the *Dreamtime are repeated once again
And the modern life around it but façade,

Where suddenly a waterhole though hidden in ravine
Will excite the senses cool the burning feet
And you share its quiet seclusion at the water cool and clean
For its there the wandering *camel finds retreat.

In the burning heat of noonday even reptiles seek the shade
Weary travellers seek shelter for repose,
In the desert cold of evening you can see what God has made,
An explosion of the starry skies so close

And you wonder why you’re headed back to urgent city toil
As you leave this Dreamtime country far behind,
For it really is a privilege to tread the outback soil
In our cities peace of mind is hard to find.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2012 All rights reserved”

 Outback – A term Australians use for the remote areas of Australia, particularly the red centre.
 Uluru – The giant rock mountain in the centre of Australia formerly known as Ayres Rock sacred to Aboriginal people
 Dreamtime – Mythological past as celebrated by the Aboriginal communities of Australia
 Camel – Not native to Australia, probably introduced with their Afghan handlers in the early 1800s and now running wild in the outback.

8 thoughts on “The *Outback

    1. Good, we may see you as you travel around the country. You need to be well prepared before setting out on a round Australia trip as some of the country would be wild and unforgiving. If you take one of the organized trips with others as a tourist it would be best.


  1. I’d like to spend some time in the outback, I would. Yet I’d want a hotel at the end of the day. Sorry, I’m one of those sorry people!

    But I believe Australia has sooooo much I haven’t seen. The Katherine Gorges in particular call me…


  2. Most times I think us humans didn’t know how good we had it living a quieter life away from the city. Looking for opportunities (meaning more money) we gave up a lot. Time there now is precious and doesn’t happen often enough! Really liked this Ian. 🙂


    1. I’ve had stressful administrative jobs since my late teens so decided I’d retire exactly at 65 so I could enjoy a quality of life from then on rather than burn myself out. It’s nice to have time to do creative things that are health friendly.


  3. I bet it is really peaceful in the outback…I love peaceful places. Another nice poem sweet Ian. BTW we really appreciate all the comments you leave on Chancy’s blog. Hugs


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